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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Progress on Scrappy Bear Paw Quilt

 Here are some pictures of one of my quilts I am working on. I have 10 basic bear paw units done. They are pictured. There are 12 bear paw blocks in the quilt, so I only have 2 left. Then I will have neutral  and dark scrappy sashings  to put around my blocks and also sawtooth sashings. 

 The picture above shows some of my assorted dark prints that will be used for the sawtooth sashings.
 Above are assorted print fabrics for sashings I am going to use.
 I got my pattern for my quilt from this book called Stashblasters. The pattern is called Goulash. I am calling my quilt "Scrappy Bear Paw Quilt." The authors are from my favorite quilt store called Gathering Friends Quilt Shop. They published many different pattern books. If you are interested their store is in Bird Island, MN. Its worth the trip. They have so many beautiful quilts hanging on display there. They also have a web site. I have no affiliation to them. I just love their patterns and shop. The two pictures below show the pattern book and a picture of the finished quilt they made. I fell in love with it when I went there last fall. I had to buy my fabric and the pattern book at their shop after I saw it in person . I love the scrappy look.

 This is a picture of my dog Josie. She is a Pomeranian. She is my little Princess. 
 This is Vinnie our little boy. He is the best boy ever. He's relaxing in his sweater. We are not having Spring temperatures yet here in MN. It was snowing today. I want Spring to come.
Lastly this is our girl Lexie. She is very sweet and loves to cuddle. They are glad I let them be in my blog today. Have a great day everyone! Thanks for looking at my blog.


  1. Your blocks are excellent and I love the colors as well. Really cute pups!

  2. Those blocks and fabrics are right up my alley. Great job on piecing, they look perfect.

  3. Beautiful blocks and beautiful fabrics too! I adore your little dogs, they are lovely!! They must be great company!

  4. Beautiful blocks! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! You were a no-reply so I thought I would reply here to your question about the cute deer fabric. It is by Aunt Grace: Keepsakes by Judie Rothermel. Have a lovely day! xo Heather