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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Celtic Solstice Progress and some finishes

 Here are some of my blocks on my design wall of my Celtic Solstice quilt I am working on by Bonnie Hunter. Here is a link to her site if you'd like to see more Celtic Solstice quilts in progress. Celtic Solstice part 6 link up They are all amazing. I like my colors I used. I substituted blacks for the greens and reds for the yellows. I have 13 more blocks to sew together and then I can finish putting my top together. I am really loving this quilt.
 Above is a flannel baby girl blanket I made for my great niece on Thursday, my niece was in labor as I was sewing lots of love into the blanket for the new baby. I am hoping to go see her this week. Here in Minnesota its cold. I figured pink snowmen were cute for a January baby girl. She was named Brielle Crystal.
 I made this western baby boy quilt for my new grandson Jase Andrew born on December 18th, 2013. His mother my daughter has horses and loves to ride.
 I used flannel for the backing.

 I made this quilt also for my new grandson.
 A lunch bag I made for my daughter.
 This is a bag I made for myself. I am using it for a purse. My little Pomeranian princess Josie wanted to see how she fit inside. Have a great day everyone!


  1. I really like the colors you picked for your Celtic Solstice!

  2. Lisa, I really like the lunch bag design. Where did you find it?
    Your Celtic Solstice quilt has a German or Russian vibe so different than the Irish spring colors Bonnie used. Very nice!

  3. Fabulous work Lisa, I am so impressed.with the intricacy of your piecing. Josie certainly appreciates your work as well! It has been many years since I made a quilt, and I learned quilting the old fashioned way. Things have changed so much since then. But I soon must pick up my quilting needles again to make a very small quilt from my book... I have a lot to re-learn.